School for you

We teach basics of windsurfing as well as more advances maneuvers. Starting from balance exercises, ending on lay down jibe or jump. Our instructors will do their best to emancipate all students as fast as it possible. Gdańsk Bay is the spot where wheather conditions can change very fast.  That is why our clients have to be prepared to windsurf in light offshore wind or high onshore conditions, Rough water can make coming back to the shore very difficult. 

Renting for you

Renting service is for all who are able to come back to the shore by themselves. Surfers who know the basics, who can tack, jibe, sail up and down the wind are free to rent windsurfing equipment. In different case we would like to invite to take a lesson, which will guarantee your skills improvement. Besides windsurfing boards with 110 to 220 liters volume and sails range from 1,5 to 6.5 meter square we also provide SUP boards. SUP boards are recommended to go for some offshore 3Cities sightseeing. It isn't necessary to have some special abilities to paddle on a board, besides swimming and balance.